Illustrated Perspective
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Contact me with details of your project for a quote. Those the details may differ depending on the project but generally, I will need to know:

Size of the illustration 
Level of detail
Intended audience
Special requirements i.e. CMYK or grayscale printing, file size restrictions, if you would like to own the copyright of the final illustration, etc.  

My usual rate is $15/hour. When you contact me I will give you a time and monetary quote for your project, including expected start and end dates. Click below to contact me!

What visuals are you looking for?

  • Realistic representations of animals, plants, or other objects:   pictures in field guides, scientific papers, and more
  • Diagrams explaining complicated or impossible to see processes:  photosynthesis or sedimentary rock formation
  • Logos for your business or fun:  "CatSkill Productions" or "Homemade by Grandma"
  • Fantasy or children's book illustrations
  • Ask about other ideas you have!

Styles Selection

Below is Cremépuff the Corgi in some possible art styles you could choose for your project. ​If you have a different style in mind, let me know and I can mock up ideas for you.